More Seasickness Remedies

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Here's some more info--probably more than you wanted: Scopolamine gel can be made and applied topically and produce the benefits of the patch. Panorama Pharmacy, one of the largest and most successful compounding pharmacies in the country, is located in Los Angeles. Their address and telephone numbers are:

  • Panorama Pharmacy 8215 Van Nuys Blvd.
  • Panorama City, CA 91402
  • Don Bender, Pharm. D.
  • Telephone: 800-247-9767 or 818-787-7979 Fax: 818-787-7256

Like the patch, this gel is available only by prescription but at least we can now get the same material as the active ingredient in the patch. Putting the gel on a round bandage like a Band Aid Spot works just like the patch. One application of the gel will last about eight to twelve hours (Transderm Scop patch lasts considerably longer).

THE GEL IS NOT INJECTABLE. They suggest putting a bit of it on the inside of the wrist or behind the ear. It's expensive this way. A filled syringe has about 6 applications and I believe costs around $35. Each dab is good only for a day, unlike the 3 days with the original patch.


You might also like to try a spoonful or two of honey (take creamed honey when travelling, as the runny stuff gets everywhere).


Or, buy or make seasickness bands. They are merely elastic straps you wear around the wrists which press an acupressure point that is supposedly marvelously effective in preventing motion sickness.


Call Maven Laboratories, 1 800 469-8880, and get their research on motion sickness and ReliefBand, which gives an electrical stimulus to the P6 accustimulation point on the wrist. The research compared it to medication and accupressure. Overall (unfortunately not large groups of subjects) 75 to 80 % of subjects received good to excellent results with the proper wearing of the reliefband. This is wonderful news for those who suffer this affliction. You must have a prescription. You can order it from them directly for 150.00 with a prescription (have your doctor or pharmasist call). The bad news is that it takes three hearing aide like batteries and if you have it on the highest setting they last approximately 48 hours. May we all eventually find relief.

Phenytoin (Dilantin)

There have been several studies where a single dose of phenytoin was given to volunteers who where then spun around. It seems there was a significant decrease in incidents of nausea in those subjects that were given the phenytoin. It seems that it acts on the nervous system of the digestive tract to decrease nervous activity associated with nausea. That was the good news, here the is bad news:

1. Phenytoin is a prescription drug here in the United States, you can't just drop by the local pharmacy and pick some up.

2. It has a lot of side effects including: dizziness, difficulty walking, decreased mental function, and swollen bleeding gums (imagine this combined with jaw fatigue). These side effects may not show with just a single dose, but the actions of this drug combined with the effects of nitrogen narcosis need to be considered.

3. There are a lot of drug interactions with phenytoin. Taking this drug while using other medications may produce the side effects that I mentioned above.

In the U.S. its trade name is Dilantin. However, this drug is prescribed for epilepsy and not for sea sickness. I doubt that you would want to dive while taking this drug.

Various Remedies

Sturgeron (cinnarizine) is an antihistamine, as is dimenhydrinate (Dramamine), diphenhydramine (Benadryl), meclizine (Bonine, and Dramamine II), and promethazine (Phenergan), (though this last is also a phenothiazine, centrally acting antiemetic)

Sturgeron - originally developed for use in the treatment of Parkinson's disease . Works very well for most people with fewer side effects than scopolamine , et al .

Sturgeron(Janssen) - cinnarizine is an antihistamine prescribed for motion sickness - 30mg before travel then 15mg every 8 hrs.

An article in Cruising World several years ago touted bitters as a cure for seasickness. Some have used Angostura bitters (Tblspoon or two in a half-glass of water with awfully good effect; works immediately), but they did a test on various ones and recommended the Italian bitters Fernet Branca as the best. You can find it in some liquor stores.